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Ayurveda Courses OnLine

The course is structured in 4 levels (Modules)

Each class consists of one or more video materials, the transcripts in PDF format, some audio materials, with guided meditations or other exercises. There will be questions and exercises for each class that will help you better integrate the notions studied and apply them in your daily life.

The details

When: Anytime
Where: Anywhere.
Cost: 4 modules of 49 euros.

This training is only available in English.


This vast knowledge and philosophy is explained in simple terms. It is a return to who you really are.


  • You will be able to understand and identify your constitution.
  • You will learn what your body really needs.
  • You can learn it at your own pace, from home.
  • You will be able to start applying these principles through the exercises, yoga practices, self-care practices and recipes all adapted to your constitution.

The 4 Modules

  1. MODULE 1: The Spiritual Background.
  2. MODULE 2: The Body And The Doshas.
  3. MODULE 3: Food and Ayurveda.
  4. MODULE 4: Mind, Psychology and Reduction Methods.

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Every single challenge in life can be seen as a problem to solve or as an opportunity to embody an even greater version of you!

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