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You experience life through the filter of a particular mix of memories and you are continuously interpreting what happens to you through your inner representation of the world.

Unless you change that representation, life will seem to lead the game and you will find yourself stuck in various repetitive scenarios.

The wisdom of the Vedic science and the latest discoveries of the neuroscience enable us to identify the physical and mental patterns blocking you and change them through various techniques for a more fluid and fulfilling life experience.

Through EFT, NLP, Vedic engineering practices, you can change your limiting beliefs and habits and start connecting more with your core values, your latent strengths and capacities awaiting to be expressed.

Coaching Sessions

Through our coaching sessions you will start to regain confidence in yourself and in life, and to see more clearly what really matters to you. This clarity will enable you to bring forth the transformation that you are ready for and to experience an expanded version of yourself.

Through the wisdom of the millennial science of Ayurveda, which is in compliance with the Universal Law, as well as through the power of NLP tools which can easily reprogram your unconscious mind, you will discover the pleasure of having a body and the satisfaction of having a mind that guides you and supports you in achieving your dreams. 


The sessions are available both in French and English.

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of communication techniques that influence the behavior of the brain through the use of language in order to “recode” the way the brain responds to external stimulation.


It is a set of tools used primarily to generate new and better behaviors, to improve self-development and transformation.
The NLP often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve the desired change.


NLP was developed in 1972 by Richard Bandler (psychotherapist and mathematician) and John Grinder (professor of linguistics).

They started the NLP adventure by exploring the work and the exceptional achievements of Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (the “mother of family therapy”) and Milton Erickson (the first Therapist to use hypnosis for medical purposes).


One of the main beliefs of NLP is that the map is not territory. We never perceive reality as it is. Our nervous system forms an internal representation for every event we are experiencing.


That includes images, sounds, inner dialogues, feelings and physical sensations.

This means that our internal representation of an event is not the event itself. Each event is experienced through the channels of sensorial perception and undergoes a process that permanently suppresses, deforms and generalizes the information perceived via the senses, in order to correspond to our model of the world.

Our unconscious mind consists of stored experiences and knowledge and of unexplored abilities and expectations.

NLP’s main purpose is to mobilize and use efficiently all of these resources, in order to create desired results. In other words, it is the intelligent use of our mind and its capacities.

NLP starts from the premise that we all have the resources we need to succeed and achieve our desired outcomes.


NLP coaching effectively treats feelings of stress and anxiety. The NLP techniques help us to identify patterns of thought that may be at the origin of your stress.


Once these unconscious patterns are recognized, they can be easily changed.

Reduce fears and phobias

Through NLP we can reveal the process of thinking behind the sometimes “irrational” fears and phobias and help you change the way you perceive and feel the object of your fear.

Improve Relationships

As we all know, one of the keys to a happy relationship is communication. Problems arise especially when people do not communicate properly and feel that they cannot express themselves. In addition, NLP is extremely effective in solving patterns of destructive relationships.

Increasing confidence in oneself, exceeding one’s limits

If you are looking for relief from your own fears and limitations, NLP might be the answer for you. NLP techniques can help you go through old habits and beliefs and open up new ideas and possibilities.

NLP will also teach you how to make decisions based on your dreams, rather than on fears and how to go for what you really want rather than escape something that you do not want.

Improve communication skills

NLP is an excellent tool for understanding people and their means of communication. With NLP, you can better understand your communication strategy and accept that other people can have different views. Opinions are not right or wrong, an opinion is only an opinion.

Know what you want

One of the main reasons for which we do not get what we want is we do not have clarity about what we want. NLP will help you identify what really matters to you, your priorities, your values and your passions and start using them as an engine of transformation.

Health and wellbeing

Your body and mind are closely related, in fact, your body IS your mind. Changing the way you perceive the world, will improve your health and your general wellbeing. The opposite is also true: the symptoms that you feel in your body can help you identify the mind patterns that you need to change for an increased sense of freedom and joy.

You’ll be able to identify and modify beliefs that you may have about your body.
This will allow you to experience a deeper connection with this conscious entity of yours and an expanded sense of self throughout each of its cells.

We’ll also identify the nature of your constitution (through Ayurveda) and the tendencies of your body so that you can make the necessary adjustments and move closer and closer to this vibrant state of health.
Here also are included weight loss, self-image and an improved vitality.

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