Life is not easy. We all experience at times the feeling of being thrown into life situations and scenarios in which we feel we have no control. Actually most of the people live that way. Some may argue that life can be an amazing adventure. Others know for a fact that it could be a burden.

Sometimes it reveals to us as the most profound and majestic experience, sometimes as the most excruciating pain. Life happens through us in many layers, at all levels. Whatever we think, perceive, know and experience, no matter how important or insignificant, how beautiful or how ugly, it is LIFE.

You are the fruit of LIFE.

You may be able to make a huge difference in the world, succeed and thrive, or perhaps you are one of those who will put a lot effort just to stay afloat. Nonetheless, there is an undeniable something that defines you and at the same time takes you out of definitions, something that you can perceive even right now as we speak; something extraordinarily profound and meaningful about your life that lives through you no matter where you find yourself to be.

In truth, we know very little about life. We have some knowledge, to a certain extent, about the complexities that it involves and implies, but very little about life itself. Life seems to be a flow organised in cycles, patterns and very precise rules, governing the entire existence from the immensity of the space to the nucleus of the cells of your body. Life wants to experience itself and its possibilities of expression.

In the middle of this phenomenal experience we call life, there is YOU, the most sophisticated and elaborated life sustaining machine.  YOU, your body, your neurology exploring and permanently inventing new ways of being and doing. Among all life forms that we know so far, you, as a human being, are the only one endowed with awareness and intellect.

The question is: whatever you happen to be confronted with now, individually and collectively, how do we tackle it?

Do you know enough about your mind and body and how they work to make a conscious choice?

That’s what inner design is about. Learning about how life operates through your mind and body and apply those rules as you move along. Integrate the shadows, get clarity, be responsible and get involved and committed with life.