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Get clarity

When things seem too complex or overwhelming, it is best to get a sense of clarity..

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Make life work for you

If you know what you want and feel ready to manifest change..

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Emotional freedom

Through one or several sessions we will address the emotional charges..

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Develop a new version of yourself

When we are going through major changes.

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Individual Coaching

I can guide you in this process. I have already coached many people to achieve their desires and embody better versions of themselves. Often they didn’t even believe that it was possible, but they ended up surprising themselves. Now is your turn!

Imagine that you could really enjoy, take in and appreciate at true value everything that happens to you. Imagine that you could allow life to give you a deep sense of satisfaction, not only from a material perspective, but from a more profound level inside your heart.

The stories of the most successful people have something in common: they kept focusing on their dreams and visions and didn’t give up until their dreams come true.

We all know that there are two basic motivators in life and, no matter where we are at in our evolution, it ultimately boils down to these: we either no longer want a bad state, or we want to experience more of a good state. And the option that you choose, is vital to the outcome. The problem is that unconsciously we keep fighting against things we no longer want rather than invoke, invite and increase that which we want.

As you are reading this text now, you can probably start feeling a sensation in your left hand, no matter how little or subtle, isn’t it? How do you think that happened? It is because your mind is always ready to search for in the database and bring forth memories and associations in regards to the subject of your attention and to execute the command it was given. If we were to talk now about going on vacation, your mind would quickly browse through the past experiences of vacation or bring forth images of places that you would like to visit. This is how your neurology works.

At any given point your nervous system will search for information that will sustain the subject of your attention.

In this context, focusing on solving problems or clearing traumas, or cleaning the past, will only cause your mind and your nervous system to focus on problems and past traumas. As you are switching your attention from fixing things in yourself and in your life, and you start focusing on what you want to experience, on your visions and your deepest and most valuable things in life, your mind starts to support you in your endeavor and it uses resources that you didn’t even know that you had. You then realize that every single challenge in life can be seen as a problem to solve or an opportunity to embody an even greater version of you. And how you chose to look at it will influence the results that you will experience.

For instance, for weight loss, one can focus on losing weight or start working on how they’d like their body to be. One can try hard to fight stress or start bringing forth a vision of themselves which will allow them to enjoy life. One can struggle against money problems or be willing to embody a richer, more prosperous version of self. The way you approach it, makes the whole difference.

As you will discover by working together, changing the focus to what you want to experience and your willingness to change old habits and try new things will enable you to experience more freedom, more choice and more playfulness.

Now let me ask you this: In your current situation, however complex, difficult or demanding it may seem to you now, what expanded version of you can you now imagine for this situation to change?

Your capacity to change is far greater and it is much easier than you imagined.

Imagine a version of you capable of desiring growth and expansion, without putting pressure on yourself, without feeling burned out or exhausted. Imagine a new you capable of enjoying life challenges, feeling inspired, guided and supported in your life’s quests. 

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Every single challenge in life can be seen as a problem to solve or as an opportunity to embody an even greater version of you!

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