Emotions are the way we express ourselves in life.

Emotions are waves of energy which reflect the quality of how we relate to life and its events. Positive emotions arise from a deep desire for enjoyment and unity. Through the positive emotions we are working on learning more points of view, we are interacting more with others and we are enjoying making things better. Here we find enthusiasm, empathy, love, interest, laughter, action, curiosity.

Negative emotions could manifest as a result of the fear of the unknown, of the fear of the actions of others and a need to control them or stop them to avoid being hurt. Here we can find: anger, resentment, sadness, apathy, grief, fear, shame, blame, regret, hatred.

The negative emotions are not necessarily something to get rid of, as they serve important functions and they show us that we face a situation we don’t know how to deal with or that there is something going wrong. For instance fear is useful as it show us danger situations, anger might show us that there is a control situation going on.

Emotions are not good or bad, they are the polarities of the same energy

Emotions that we express in the moment by reacting to a present situation are neither good nor bad. They are simply a ways for us to deal with what is happening. The problem starts when the emotion gets stored up in the mind and in the body and then replayed at a later point in time out of context when some of the external factors are similar to the initial situation that caused it.

Negative emotions will give us clues about areas that need to be dealt with and transformed. They show us that there is something there we are not dealing with properly. Through the process of awareness, we will have to deal with them and then transform them into something more useful and enjoyable.

On the other hand, negative emotions are the engine that pushes us to move away from what doesn’t serve our purpose; whilst the positive emotions are the motivation for moving towards what serves us well. The problems arise when this system gets stuck and we start moving towards what we do not need; the stuck negative emotions are therefore the ones to be looked at and transformed.

Emotions happen through the body

Contrary to what we might tend to believe, emotions are NOT in the head; they express and manifest THROUGH THE BODY.  Emotions locate in the physical organs and in the energy channels. The body is a network of energy pathways and when negative emotions are manifesting basically the energy flow gets interrupted.

We might not be aware of what happens in the body during some intense emotional episodes. The chemicals released and the body reactions to certain negative states may seriously harm our health on the long run.

Anger for instance can cause the release of a stress hormone called cortisol. It is an important hormone in the body, secreted by the adrenal glands and is involved in functions such as regulating the glucose metabolism, the blood pressure; the insulin release for blood sugar maintenance etc.

The purpose of working with emotions is to release the energy that is blocked

In the course of our lives, we might express different combinations of emotions. Some of us might be chronically stuck in a negative emotion, like anxiety for example. Others might react according to certain emotional patterns. For example a person might have hidden anger or fear that gets triggered by certain circumstances and a simple casual remark might push a button that releases it. It is also true that we attempt to defend and justify our replayed emotions.

EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique – is one of the most efficient techniques existing today for releasing the emotional charge associated with specific events in our lives.  By stimulating certain energy points located on the body while tuning into a precise emotion, thought or event from the past, the disturbance of the energy field caused by these triggers is being released.

Emotional wellbeing is the capacity to identify and release emotions as they arise.

How can Ayurveda and EFT help you reach a fluidity of expression of emotions?

Firstly emotional balance corresponds to the state of balance of the doshas.  Anxiety will be treated by reducing Vata dosha. Anger, irritability, frustration can be dealt with better when we reduce Pitta dosha. Depression, sadness, lethargy are Kapha type emotions. The more we keep our doshas in balance, the easier will be to understand and deal properly with our emotional mind.

Secondly, emotions can be also triggered by past events, by traumatic experiences from the past and by thought patterns. Deeply rooted ideas and concepts that we formed during childhood are many times the root causes of present fears and negative attitudes that we conduct in life.

For instance, a child who grew up lacking attention and love, which was abused physically or verbally, will tend as an adult to see the world as an insecure place and may develop fear based attitudes. Not only that the lack of security will be on the background of her actions in life, but they will also ATTRACT situations in which they will be a victim over and over again until the core idea of INSECURITY will be released from the subconscious mind.

EFT is a powerful tool to help release the emotional charge stored in our energy system in relation to very specific events from the past or in relation to various ideas and concepts we have stored in our mind.