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THE GENE KEYS - Your Hologenetic Profile with Beres Hajnal-Ibolya (Part2)

Past and futurs venues

Ayurveda therapist training

Training Abhyanga

Aquapura Hotels & Spa,
Douro Valley, Portugal 2020

Comment se vendre

Atelier IN’ESS
Comment se vendre: technique d’influence et persuasion.

Narbonne, France 2019

Tools for excellent communication

Managing relationships at work,
Hotel Puente Romano
Marbella, Spain 2018

Ayurveda, the art of well-being

Ayurveda, the art of well-being
Presentation at Owners Club, Nobu Hotel,
Marbella, Spain 2018

Démystifier l'Ayurvéda

Démystifier l’Ayurvéda
Une série de 6 ateliers
Sainte Valière, France 2018

Yoga & Ayurveda International Congress


Ayurveda conference

Ayurveda conference
Stand Ayurveda France, Meze (France) , 2010

Salon du bien-être

Ayurveda France
Stand Ayurveda France, Salon du bien-être , Beziers (France), 2010.

Seminar Ayurveda France

Seminar Ayurveda France
Organized by Leila Gem’aly,
Valence (France), 2009.

Rebirthing (breathwork)

5 days Rebirthing-breathwork with Leonard Orr, Virginia (USA), 2009

Colloque FFY

Federation Francophone de Yoga, Colloque, Sherbrooke (Canada), 2007 & 2008

Swa Dharma course

Swa Dharma course
Montreal (Canada), 2007

Ayurveda Seminar

Ayurveda Seminar
Laval (Canada) , 2007

Yoga classes

Yoga classes
Laval (Canada), 2005, 2006, 2007.

Seminar "The Mind"

Seminar The Mind
Montreal (Canada), 2006.

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mai 27, 2019


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