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Ayurvedic psychology

Knowledge of Ayurvedic psychology gives several tools in regards to the approach of the various constitutions, and consequently help us establish better relationships with our loved ones, our friends and with people...

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Inner design

Life is not easy. We all experience at times the feeling of being thrown into life situations and scenarios in which we feel we have no control. Actually most of the people live that way. Some may argue that life can...

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How to master your emotions

Emotions are the way we express ourselves in life. Emotions are waves of energy which reflect the quality of how we relate to life and its events. Positive emotions arise from a deep desire for enjoyment and unity....

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8 secrets to well-being

Know the Laws Our Universe is governed by very precise laws that are ruling our existence in the physical plane. Science has become extremely advanced in the comprehension of the environment in which live. It is well...

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Every single challenge in life can be seen as a problem to solve or as an opportunity to embody an even greater version of you!

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