1. Know the Laws

Our Universe is governed by very precise laws that are ruling our existence in the physical plane. Science has become extremely advanced in the comprehension of the environment in which live. It is well understood that each effect has a cause and behind it there is a law according to which the cause is being produced. Our very existence on this planet is possible because we partially understand and respect these Laws.

Similarly, in our physical body there are some rules that
need to be known and respected so the body keeps its healthy functioning and
becomes the optimal instrument of expression of our Being. Everything that
happens at the physical or emotional level has a root cause and a law according
to which it manifests.

We all know that we need to get dressed well when it’s
cold, that we need a cool drink when it’s hot so we can hydrate our bodies; we
have the basics. However, our life style today, the STRESS and the pollution,
require a little bit more than the basics. We need to do a little bit more and
have a little bit more knowledge about life for leading a healthy life.

Ayurveda is the science that is teaching us these
Universal laws that operate among the various layers of the human life. They
are at work weather we are aware of them or not and without this knowledge we
are just experiencing the effects, blindly looking for remedies. In order to
reach a state of wellbeing, we need to know and respect the natural laws.

2. Know yourself

We are all unique individuals and we are all different in
the way we think, feel, react to external situations, the foods we like and the
activities we enjoy. Therefore, even the sense of balance will mean something
different and will be experienced differently by each person.

We all have our unique mind-body constitution, the set of
characteristics expressing through behaviour, emotions, intellectual
tendencies, body type, and metabolism. Ayurveda explains that this blue print
of each individual is determined by the predominant Dosha. When in equilibrium,
the doshas (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) help us be our best selves.

Understanding our nature and the elements that compose it,
is an important step in our journey towards our own state of balance and
wellbeing. While the individual profile remains unchanged through life, the
day-to-day interplay of the dosha tendencies are likely to vary according to
internal and external factors such as emotions, food, seasonal changes,
climate, etc.

My services help you understand your unique mind – body
blue print and thus learn what to do – or not to do to in order to feel
healthy, happy and alive.

3. Increase the vital force

Ayurveda teaches us that health, wellness, harmony and
beauty are the result of the state of balance of the doshas. In the same time,
vitality, joy and aliveness are possible through a powerful subtle substance
produced by our body.  The secret of a
life lived to its fullest consists in maximizing this vital subtle fluid,
called Ojas.  The Sanskrit term Ojas can
be translated as ‘that which invigorates’.

Ojas is the by-product of a healthy, efficient and
balanced physiology. It is the result of the process of digestion and creation
of the inner tissues from the food we eat.

Ojas can be increased by a healthy life style, by a strong
digestive power – Agni, by a healthy diet that includes milk, saffron, ghee,
fresh fruits, raw honey, almonds, by laughter, meditation, quality sleep and
deep relaxation. In the same time, the ayurvedic routines and treatments done
regularly and seasonally will help you stay in balance and increase this vital

4. Learn to relax and release the need to struggle

One of the key factors to wellbeing is the ability to let
go of the struggle, surrender to what happens and reach a state of inner
balance,  as from this state the real
healing or transformation can occur.

Trying to find a solution to any of our challenges (I
don’t like using the term “problem”) from any other space in ourselves other
than the state of inner balance, usually does not bring long lasting results.
In fact, the more we struggle, the more we want to “fix” the problem, the
deeper we move into it. Emotional non resistance is the best way to go.

The Key therefore is to step out of cycles of stress,
mental or physical exhaustion and restore the state of relaxation and wellbeing
as often as possible. My services aim to help you move into your natural state
of wellbeing from which you can allow your life to unfold naturally,
spontaneously as an expression of your greatness.

5. Maintain the fluidity of the emotion-energy body

According to Ayurveda, the body is the field of
manifestation of what happens inside the mind. In fact, negative states ONLY
happen through the body and create bio-chemical processes that could harm the
body in the long run. The body reflects thus various emotional states and
mental patterns as our physical vehicle takes over the emotional charge that we
are not willing to release into the consciousness.

The purpose of working with emotions is to release the
energy that is blocked; this energy can then be used to become more fluid in
the way we express ourselves and to live a life that is more in tune with who
we really are.

The services and treatments offered aim to help you use
whatever emotion is most appropriate and use the energy that it contains.
Ultimately negative emotions (fear, anxiety, anger etc) need to be integrated
into the consciousness.

6. Congruence

In everything we want to express, there is a need for
congruence. Our desires, our actions, our thoughts and our feelings have to be
in alignment in order to obtain the desired results.

The metaphor of the garden is the best to illustrate this
aspect. A beautiful garden requires knowledge and consistence. We have to first
plant the right seeds, we have to use fertile soil, we have to water the plants
and to regularly clean the weeds.

Our deepest thoughts and desires are the seeds of the
situations in our life. They need to be taken care of with the right feelings,
emotions and actions for them to sprout and manifest fully. As long as there is
contradiction or conflict between what we feel, what we think and what we do,
our deepest desires cannot come to fruition.

7. Awareness, the ultimate key of transformation

If there was one single element that could encompass all
the methods that humankind has developed during its evolution on earth for
healing, transformation and authentic living, that would be awareness. Life
goes beyond the physical reality. We are much more than we can see with our
eyes.  We’ve been brought up with a
material concept of the world, believing that we are separate from the

In fact, everything we experience, feel, see, taste,
touch, every relationship we have – is happening in consciousness.  The science of quantum physics has shown that
we are not merely a body, but a field of energy, and what we expect and pay
attention to determines what we draw out of the field into our experience.

When nothing else works, the ultimate key that remains at
our disposal is ourt consciousness, our ability to be aware, the inner
observer. Whatever we bring forth into awareness eventually is being
transformed and integrated.

8. There is no solution that applies to everybody

Whatever works for others might not work for you. Your
life experience is unique, the system of beliefs and concepts is also unique.
Your body has its own way of functioning. When dealing with whatever aspect of
your life, whether is for health, emotional wellbeing, beauty & rejuvenation
fitness or relationships, the solution is already within and is it up to you to
access it.

We’ve been brought up to believe that it’s all about
changing the external conditions, and most of us spend our lives struggling
against external circumstances. In reality, life works exactly the other way

No matter how it appears to be, what we see out there is
ALWAYS a reflection of the inner set-up. All the power to determine your
experience is within you, not anyone or anything else.

My services provide with an INDIVIDUALIZED approach – addressing your body, your mind, your emotions –  aiming to guide you towards the point where you can allow your inner strength, power and beauty to manifest fully in your life.

Your question will be addressed in a much individualized manner: from the oils, herbs and ingredients used during the treatments to