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Master Your Mind And Body Through The Wisdom of Ayurveda..

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The Ayurvedic retreat is a transformative journey towards yourself, a profound resourcing and a reconnection with the universal rhythms of nature..

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Ayurveda Online Course

Each class consists of one or more video materials, the transcripts in PDF format, some audio materials, with guided meditations or other exercises. There will be questions and exercises for each class that will help you better integrate the notions studied and apply them in your daily life.

Ayurveda Retreat

Ayurvedic retirement is a journey to a deep resource and a reconnection with the universal rhythms of nature. It is a unique experience, renewal and rejuvenation and an exploration of the authentic exotic state of health and well-being.


My books (Kindle Edition) areavailable On Amazon Digital Services(Kindle or Paperback)

  • What if you are not depressed in the first place?
  • HOW TO FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR DREAMS: An EFT/NLP guide to your heart
  • The guide: How to shift from Depression to Joy