A 9 Steps EFT Guide to Your Heart

Open you Heart to Love Program

You are about to experience love

It doesn’t really matter what you currently think about love and whether or not you are in a love relationship. It is not relevant to me what you think of yourself, what challenges you had to face until now and how many times you have repeated the same pattern in your love life.

Even your disbelief that a program as this one could make a difference in your life is of no importance.

Wherever you are now in your life and regardless of how much or how little you have experienced love until now, you can change your life and experience love beginning today.

Love is not an emotion

We all know that emotions come and go, as they are responses to the signals received from the external environment through our senses. LOVE though, is a state that your neurology is designed to experience from within.

And whether you want to be in a relationship or not, unconsciously you need and want to reach that state of love. Just like you need to breathe, your desire for LOVE is natural and it calls you from within not because you are missing it, but because you are meant to reach it. And by accessing this love, by opening your heart you can access new levels of experience a human being and reach resources that you never thought possible.

How is it going to work

The 9 steps will guide you through this adventure using mainly EFT (tapping) which will allow you to release beliefs and emotional charges from your past, as well as tools for mind programming (NLP and hypnosis) which will make the experience softer, smoother and extremely efficient as it will work directly with your genius mind.

There are 15 videos, most of them EFT sessions and 7 NLP/hypnosis audio tracks that will do the work for you at an unconscious level.

Unless you change that representation, life will seem to lead the game and you will find yourself stuck in various repetitive scenarios.

The wisdom of the Vedic science and the latest discoveries of the neuroscience enable us to identify the physical and mental patterns blocking you and change them through various techniques for a more fluid and fulfilling life experience.

Through EFT, NLP, Vedic engineering practices, you can change your limiting beliefs and habits and start connecting more with your core values, your latent strengths and capacities awaiting to be expressed.

You already know what you want

As you are reading this text, unconsciously you know what you need to let go of, what you want to experience and what greater version of you are ready and willing to expand into. This program will help you reach where YOU want to be.

The program is not a “quick fix” and it’s most definitely not a superficial attempt to just attract someone in your life. I will bring you beyond that. I want to get you to experience a profound encounter with this aspect of you: the love that you are and use the genius and the creativity of your mind to access your deepest vision.

Accessing it will enable you to feel more alive, to experience more vitality, more energy, more confidence success and creativity in your daily life.

The 9 steps that will open your heart to love

This step will allow you to “clear’ what resists in you to love, to a relationship and also the resistance you might have to this program or in general to any transformation tools.

The best way to approach change in general and to allow yourself to go through this process of transformation is by really getting curious about it.

It will work in a fantastic way if you are approaching it with curiosity and willingness to explore, rather than seeing yourself as having a problem.

An important step as we want to have your unconscious mind support you in everything that you are about to experience. This way the process will be smooth, fun and easy.

You will learn how to access an expanded state of awareness which allows for the release of emotional charges from the past and also enables you to access your heart’s true desires.

This step will allow you to be less harsh on yourself and help you clear the self-criticism mechanism that you have been using until now.

You will get yourself beyond feeling DESERVING and ENTITLED, as love is actually your second nature. Just as you don’t need to feel entitled or deserving to breathe, the same way you don’t need to make a special effort for giving and receiving love.

This part will allow you to release some of the most frequent and general beliefs that people have accepted as true and are using as an excuse for not allowing themselves to experience love.

There is a superficial layer of beliefs, mostly the ones that we have learned or borrowed from others around us, from family, teachers, the friends that we attend, the social media we are following etc. Then we have a deeper set of beliefs, the ones that got glued to us and incorporated in our deepest fabric since we were little.

This step will enable you to identify how the story of your parents as well as their beliefs about love have influenced and are still influencing your love life.

Unconsciously you know what you are trying to replicate in your love life and for what reason. The work that we will do at this level will enable you to undo these programs.

This step will be very beneficial for you in your adventure towards your heart, as we will not only empty the emotional burden of past relationships, but also you will receive and integrate everything that has been beneficial and unique in these relationships.

The main “pattern’” or the main “lie” is that main picture or definition of self that has been present throughout all your relationships.

It could be one central idea/belief, or a set of beliefs that got crystallized and formed a nucleus or a mind structure within your mental space, it could be an impression (samskara) or a karmic grain from past lives.

To perceive love is also a habit, which we can gain quite easily. It's like a muscle that needs to be trained, so that we can not only recognize the love that's around us, but also feel comfortable in its presence.

This step will allow you to identify the deepest desire of your heart regarding love and love relationships. After all the clearings planned in the early stages of this program, you should normally be able to access what is really important to you and clearly identify what you expect from a relationship. This will also allow you to identify the STATE that you are looking for.

Then, the most important part that is actually one of the successful keys of this program, we will awaken and program this state in your body. Because the more you are going to be in this state, the more you will attract and be attracted to people who fit that state and your love vision.

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A 9 Steps EFT Guide to Your Heart