My Method

Changing Patterns

You probably have already noticed and identified in your life some repetitive scenarios, some sort of limiting experiences that seem to come out of nowhere, despite your efforts to move into a certain direction.

Well, these are actually generated to a great extent by your unconscious mind and by your body. Actually, the specialists are saying that 95 up to 99 percent of our decisions are determined by your unconscious blueprint. And your body, is actually your unconscious.

Patterns in NLP

According to the parents of NLP, within our inner frame everything is a strategy. Every single little thing that you’re doing has its own corresponding strategy and reason to be there. A positive intention.

And it’s the unconscious that makes sure that this strategy is being applied systematically, unconsciously whenever it is needed. Take for instance driving, or any other task that you are now performing with total ease, walking, swimming, painting, running.. All these have been learned and carefully stored in the unconscious mind.

Some of these strategies or patterns are useful. In fact, to the unconscious mind they are all useful and they serve some purpose. So unless you communicate directly to your unconscious and change these patterns that are no longer useful to you, it will continue doing what it thinks it is best for you.

Patterns in Ayurveda

On the other hand, the wisdom of the Vedic medicine teaches us that we all inherit a certain package, a unique constitution. Unless we bring it in a state of balance, we will always be pushed by the marks of the 5 elements predominating in our mind and body.

For instance, Vata, the wind, will make you feel anxious and worried. Pitta or the bile - fire mixed with water- will give you anger and judgement. These predominant patterns will determine the way you live your life and you will never get to see what actually happens, as you will look through the lenses of your dosha.

I am calling them patterns, because these excessive elements or doshas are systematically produced by your own body. If your body is of a Vata constitution, your body will keep producing more vata . Your body carries not only your memories, but also the memories of your ancestors. All these are patterns which you are up against.

My Method

I love combining these two perspectives and mixing the wisdom of the Vedic science with the latest discoveries of NLP. It gives such a boarder understanding of what is actually happening in there, in your mind and body. The first step in changing something, is having a clear picture of what is going on. The second step, is to change those patterns by knowing and respecting the laws at work at various levels on your being.

One precious thing that I learned is that we should never attempt to correct an imbalance by creating another one. All the changes should be done in the most loving and respectful way towards your nature. In total respect of the integrity of your being and in all security. And this is what you’re going to do together.

When you are ready, contact me and start awakening that Master Version of You!