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Whether you are looking for a way to expand your horizon and explore new resources or for a real breakthrough from a limiting experience, you might find here what you are looking for.

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The one time session helps you address one particular aspect of your life..


Reach more freedom and choice in your inner universe and feel ready to manifest change in your life.

Long term plan

The 3 or 6 month coaching program will ensure you have the needed support on a weekly basis.

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Why changing patterns is what you really need?

NLP Coaching is useful for all life’s challenges

When going through major changes such as career change, relationship breakdown, changing habits, stop smoking, get over phobias or simply develop a new version of yourself for more freedom, connection and meaning in your life, changing the inner patterns will make your unconscious support you in your desired direction.

It is all about Inner Design

We are all unconsciously driven by a certain unconscious “software” which is constantly pushing us in a certain direction. Even then, when we believe we have no choice, we are still choosing life unconsciously. This is where I can help you: identify and change the old patterns and replace them with new ones that will facilitate the desired outcome.

Regardless of what you think you want now, you are actually looking for a STATE

Although human search for happiness takes a variety of shapes and forms, we are all essentially searching for reaching a particular STATE within ourselves. Whether you want to change something in your life, add something to it or remove something from it, you actually search for reaching a state. It is this “secret” shortcut that will ensure the success of our meetings.

An important key to reach the desired outcome is ASKING THE RIGHT question

Let me ask you this right now: in your current quest, what would be the question you need to ask in order to find the answer that you’re looking for? Some people ask the wrong questions and therefore get the wrong answers. You might want to get to that place of clarity of what you actually want and need and therefore ask the right question and give the right instructions to your unconscious mind. This is how I can be of help to you.